Collection of logos designed for different projects and clients.


The logos above where designed for different projects and clients.

NatureisWaiting.com and Trails.com

The brand was designed for an online travel forum. Since the main focus is an audience that wants to explore exotic places and adventure, we represented a trail with the step of a hiking shoe and used the color green since it's related to nature. Several concepts where proposed to the client until approval with the different names that the company was planning to use.


The logo was designed for a sushi restaurant. The naming was chosen since it's japanese, easy to pronounce and memorize. The font is handwritten and very friendly. The artwork that is part of the branding included illustrated abstract sushi pieces in colors that match the shapes of the logo.

Johnny Foreigner

The brand was developed for a travel blog. Since both author and audience are young, it needed to be fun, friendly and engaging. We used a plane since it represents travel and also designed it looking like a toy with it's simple shapes.

Guia Epicureo

Guia Epicureo is a restaurant guide from Buenos Aires that has a high paying audience and includes restaurants that have more than 3 stars. The design needed to reflects concepts such as elegance and sophistication. A serif font was chosen for the typography and burberry color was used as the primary color, since it's bold, graceful and classy.

Chocolate Moose

The logo was designed for a cupcake store from Alaska. A literal approach was taken, representing the moose in chocolate color. It's friendly, fun and elegant for the audience. Several concepts where designed for the client to choose. Some options included a landscape with mountains behind.


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